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Getting in shape for your Belize adventure

By Slickrock Adventures on October 5, 2011

We have been asked in the past how best to get in shape for our trips to our Caribbean private island. After all, you can experience up to 15 sports on our Belize Adventure Week package, some you have likely never tried before: whitewater kayaking, underground rafting and kayaking, caving, hiking, sea kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayak surfing, sport fishing, kayak fishing, paddleboarding, and board surfing.

I have also heard from guests on the island “I’ve been going to the gym for three months getting ready for this trip! How come I’m finding this so hard?”

The answer, I think, is that gym machines get you in shape for one thing: gym machines. The best way to train for kayaking is, guess what… kayaking! Obviously this is not practical, how could you possibly do all of the sports I listed in the winter before your Belize trip?

The basis of sport success boils down to a few basic things: strength, stamina, balance, and confidence. You can definitely employ some techniques to improve in these areas.

Belize yoga

My #1 recommendation is to do yoga. This will take care of strength, stamina, AND balance. If you don’t have yoga classes in your area, or if they don’t fit your schedule, here is a fabulous on-line site with daily yoga classes. I have taken these classes on and off for years, and they are excellent. Visit They offer one free class a week (which you could do over and over if you wanted to), or for $10/month you have unlimited access to their daily streaming classes. The instructors are outstanding.

Belize swimmingMy #2 recommendation is swimming. Since almost all of our sports are water sports, comfort in the water is a huge factor. The more you swim the more your water confidence increases. You can take water aerobics or swim laps. Either will make a big difference by the time you land on the island and start enjoying the best sport playground ever: The Caribbean Sea!