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The Toledo district of southern Belize

By Slickrock Adventures on September 22, 2011

The Toledo Howler newsletterI just received the most amazing publication via email: The Toledo Howler, a newsletter of the southern-most chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association.

I love Toledo. I spent a day there two months ago touring many of the local lodges. What a wonderful place! This is my favorite part of Belize – next to Glover’s Reef, of course ;-). It is the most remote, quaint, and picturesque part of mainland Belize. I blogged about Punta Gorda, the final frontier of Belize right after I got back.

So anyway, I was astounded at the amount of information in this little newsletter. Whoever put it together did a fantastic job. And I haven’t even found time yet to look at what they have in all of the back issues!

This single issue has articles on:

Shark conservation
A local plant, Genipa Americana
Recent tourism awards, including 2 people I met when I was down there : )
An extensive calendar of upcoming events
A restaurant guide
A recipe for Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
A map of downtown Punta Gorda
Contact information for local lodges and tour guides
Nim Li Punit, the Mayan ruin
A Mayan women’s co-operative at Indian Creek village
Organic gardening in Toledo
A tour of Dem Dat’s Doin farm
Bus and plane schedules connecting Toledo with the rest of Belize
An interview with Leonie Requena, the owner of the local water taxi serice
A map of Toledo with all of the attractions marked

What an amazing guide, don’t leave home without it!