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Kitesurf school at Long Caye

By Slickrock Adventures on September 22, 2011

Belize kitesurf Glovers Reef

Our location at Long Caye in Belize is a kitesurfing dream come true, especially for beginners taking lessons at our new Vela Kitesurf School. Located out at Glover’s Reef Atoll in southern Belize, we are surrounded by long aprons of coral-free sand flats that extend behind the protecting ring reef of the atoll.

Not only does the reef cut out the chop and swell, but the shallow sand flats allow beginners to have unlimited space to learn and practice kitesurfing skills under the direction of our instructor. The prevailing trade winds blow directly down the flats most of the time, so kitesurf students just do ‘down-winders’ as they progress through their lessons, saving much time in not having to walk back on the flats (waist to chest deep water) to regain ground. But the best aspect of our lesson location is that there are no other kitesurfers or students around, which is a unique situation and saves everyone a lot of trouble in not having to watch out for each other.

Kitesurf lessons Belize

You can see that this is a stunning location to learn kitesurfing. A private island, with warm water, top equipment and instruction, and unlimited space along the shallow sandflats.