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Kayak kite-sailing

By Slickrock Adventures on September 29, 2011

One of Slickrock’s many island activities is sea kayak kite-sailing trips, where we employ special kites made to tow kayaks. When the wind is from the right direction, we often get out the kayak kites and hook them up for a down-wind run to Middle Caye. The kites still allow the kayaker to steer the boat with a rudder, although that is limited to about 45 degrees off from straight down wind. It is a challenging and exciting way to travel in a sea kayak, as one has to manage the kite, be able to steer, and reel it in when the next island is reached. But the thrill of moving under wind power in a kayak is a different experience that is always fun!

We often sail to Middle Caye when we have 15 mph winds or more (but not over 20 or it’s too hard to paddle back up!)

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