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Downwind paddleboard cruising-our newest sport!

By Slickrock Adventures on September 21, 2011

Belize paddleboard cruising

Slickrock has added 3 new ‘cruiser’ paddleboards to our collection of SUP’s this season. This style of paddleboard is designed for longer distance paddling tours, and the boards have a more defined keel for better tracking and a pointed bow to cut through chop. This allows the board to cover more distance efficiently, and is the design used in racing and long distance paddling.

We will start a new Belize paddleboarding activity with these boards, paddling downwind to the neighboring islands of Glovers Reef which are 3 and 6 miles away. These tours will then be picked up by our motor skiff for the ride back to Long Caye. The tours will follow the ring reef of the atoll and trips can be made outside the reef in open sea conditions for more advanced paddlers, or inside the reef where no swells exist. And, we will paddle in calm conditions or when the wind is blowing downwind only.

Check out the cruiser board in the photo with its high-volume bow and keel as an example of the difference between it and a regular paddleboard.