Kayak rolling

Learn to roll a kayakBelize kayak rollingKayak rolling lessonsHow to roll a kayakBelize kayakingSlickrock’s island at Long Caye, Belize is the perfect location to learn how to roll a kayak. We offer instruction in rolling to any guest who is interested, using river kayaks we keep on the island for this purpose.

Kayak rolling lessons are one-on-one and we fit these instructional sessions around the other activities. You can also learn a lot about kayak rolling watching someone else learn, so often a group of 2 or 3 will take turns for a few hours in the morning or afternoon. After all, once can only stand turning upside down in the water for so long.

This is a perfect place learn kayak rolling because we have students wear their snorkel mask to help them see and understand the moves. The warm clear water and our shallows off the beach provide the perfect setting to learn this skill.

After learning the roll in a river kayak, one can easily graduate up to rolling a sea kayak, or using the river kayak in our surf spot.

And then, once you have mastered rolling a sea kayak, you and your buddy then can move up to rolling a DOUBLE kayak!