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Victoria House, the most beautiful inn in Belize

By Slickrock Adventures on August 2, 2011

I got back a few days ago from my whirlwind tour of Belize lodges. I found out near the end that I had toured 33 inns in less than a week. After a while, fancy hotels all start to look the same, and if it wasn’t for my pictures I wouldn’t be able to keep them straight in my mind. We saw a LOT of hotel rooms in 5 days. But one stands out for its charm and grace: Victoria House on Ambergris Caye.

If you want to go somewhere and just have your eyes soothed by sheer gorgeousness every second of the day, spend some time here. We arrived very late in the day, so I didn’t get the pictures I wish I had gotten, but still, the magic of the place shows through, I think. It has a plantation style design unique in Belize. I have resolved I am going to get shutters in my own house after seeing this magnificent inn.

And the restaurant! We had dinner there. The food was superb, the service was impeccable. There was a couple sitting on the patio when we arrived who had just gotten engaged. They were telling everyone, including the hoard of passing travel agents. They were so happy. I can see why he popped the question at that moment, what else could he do in a place like this?

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