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Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, Belize

By Slickrock Adventures on August 29, 2011

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Glover's Reef

Long Caye and Northeast Caye, Glover’s Reef, Belize

It’s not surprising if you’ve never heard of Glover’s Reef, in fact that’s more or less the point of our program on Long Caye, a remote, private island getaway. You won’t find crowds, room service, air conditioning, night clubs, or access to your Facebook page. What you will discover is the best collection, hands-down, of sport toys in Belize, with expert guides that teach each sport. Rather than supply a single type of kayak, we have numerous models for small women, tall men, total beginners, and experienced boaters, in both single and double configuration. We also have a fleet of surf kayaks, fishing kayaks, surf boards, paddleboards, and a full range of windsurf gear for never-ever sailors up to sailboard fanatics. NOT to mention the best kitesurf school in the country, AND the only surfable break in Belize!

Long Caye cabana

Long Caye cabana

Our beach huts and other facilities are built to blend in with the island ecosystem. The fridge is permanently loaded with cold Fantas and Belikin beer. And it is all powered by the sun and wind; an adventurous tropical paradise where Gilligan would feel right at home. It’s the five-star version of adventure travel – right down to the excellent Garifuna chefs who cook your meal and then sit down at the table with you to dine.

The Glover’s Reef ecosystem is famous the world-over for the diversity of its sea life and the pristine condition of the coral. As special places become more discovered, it figures that the hardest-to-get-to areas remain pristine… and Glover’s Reef is the most remote of Belizean island areas. Thirty-five miles offshore and sixty-five miles from Belize City, Glover’s is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a national marine park.

Due to the remote location, our boat only travels to the island twice a week (once a week in shoulder seasons), so guests must be able to travel on these days, with the shortest package being 5 nights (3 on the island). Contact us for more info!

(Thanks to Vladimir Brezina for the cabana picture.)