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The best deal in Belize

By Slickrock Adventures on July 26, 2011

Two days ago we visited Five Sisters Lodge, a remote eco-resort on Mountain Pine Ridge. It takes an hour to get there on a bumpy road, but it’s worth it.

This small facility is Belizean owned and operated, the only place on Mountain Pine Ridge that can make this claim. The summary: it’s fabulous. You wouldn’t call it 5-star, like many of the others we are visiting, but no one would be uncomfortable there. They are perched 300 feet above a waterfall called Five Sisters, a quintuple cascade on Privassion Creek. They have beautiful grounds, mountain bikes, fantastic birding (you can spot the orange breasted falcon there, a rare sighting), an in-house tour company, and they power the whole thing with their own dam across a small part of the creek. They have standard cabanas, junior suites, and luxury suites, but the best deal of all is the river villa.

The villa is all the way down on the shore of the creek, they drive you there and will pick you up when you call them. The villa is 2 buildings side-by-side. It has a full kitchen, multiple hang-out spots, and up to 4 people can stay there. It is completely private and clothing optional… you have the creek to yourself because other guests are asked to explore a different part of it. They will provide a cooler and on the way to the lodge (they can pick you up at an additional cost) you do your shopping on your way in. And here’s the punchline: it’s only $250 US/night. This is absolutely the best deal in Belize. You can take my word for it because in the last 3 days I have visited about 15 lodges here (I have lost count).

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