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Our Belize eco-lodge: solar and wind powered

By Slickrock Adventures on May 12, 2011

Our belize vacation packages are only powered by the sun and wind. Slickrock has built an alternative energy system for use on Long Caye as part of our ecologically sensitive policy in developing our facilities. Our ‘rustic’ approach to building our cabins and creating our water and disposal systems are designed to have the least amount of impact to the island’s pristine nature, and our energy systems also conform to this approach.

Our power systems are needed for lighting, communications, recharging small batteries (camera, etc) and for pumping water. The electric system is entirely 12 volt, employing solar panels and wind generators. When we need power for building tools or to recharge our 12 volt system if there is a problem, we do have several small gas powered generators, but these are seldom needed. Since 12 volt electricity cannot be efficiently delivered over long distances, we have set up five different systems on the island to cover our various needs; each system has its own solar panels, batteries, and charge controller, and provide for 3 different water pumping stations, power for our office communications, and lights to all our buildings. Two of these systems also have wind generators to assist the solar panels during stormy periods when there is not enough sun to keep the batteries sufficiently charged.

The 12 volt systems work surprisingly well, and manage to keep up with our energy demands even during our larger trips. And, the benefits of not having to deal with noisy generators, fuel costs and transport, are immeasurable.