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Slickrock Featured in SUP Film

By Slickrock Adventures on March 12, 2011

What do you do for vacation when you work on adventure island? You think up the most obscure plans for yourself and friends throw in some ridiculous elements and whamo! Epics are born. Most of these plans happen over a drink. I think that part is similar for everyone. Then something happens, I decide it must be done and there is no changing my mind. For the last two months, in between trips at slickrock, I have been traveling around Central America on a motorcycle carrying an inflatable stand up paddle board, a surfboard, river gear, and camera gear. My companions were my brother, and a two man dream team film and sound crew. After a couple thousand miles on the bikes, great rivers paddled and some amazing surf sessions the trip is officially over and now it’s just a matter of editing the raw footage down to a short film. Film debut is scheduled for June 3rd at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, CO. Look for the Deflated web premier coming out around that time at