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Looking for kitesurfing schools? How about our Belize island?

By Slickrock Adventures on February 3, 2011

Meg Griffiths, our Belize kitesurfing instructor, sent this post from Belize City.

Kitesurfing in Belize

Last week we had 5 students in total, with the perfect teaching environment 3 of the 5 reached board start during their second lesson. The easterly trade winds blowing down the length of our 2.5 mile sand flats allow students the luxury of not being concerned about losing ground. They can always stand up to recover the kite, no waves to think about, no obstacles and no walking…awesome, makes board start lessons a breeze.

The wind picked up well over 20mph for a couple of days which kicked up the waves on our island break and lured everyone out windsurfing as well as kiting. My 7m sessions were awesome, big airs and plenty of hang time and some very powered kiteloops to splash….. but who minds getting wet when the water is 80 degrees! Wave and freestyle flat water in the same session only and 5 minute ride apart; then ending the day watching a stunning sunset over the other islands of the atoll…perfect. The forecast for the coming week looks like plenty of 9m weather; I can’t wait to get back to island.