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A map of Mayan ruins

By Slickrock Adventures on January 4, 2011

Map of Belize Mayan ruin sitesBelize contains hundreds of Mayan sites. The Mayan civilization rose to its peak between 600 – 900 AD. Many large cities existed during this time, with a network of trading routes between them, and their impressive ruins can be seen today across the country. In addition to restored ruins found in Belize such as Caracol, Xunantunich, Altun Ha, and Lamanai, many other large sites exist still hidden away in the remote. Many of these are known, but many remain undiscovered. Archaeology expeditions continue every year in search of new finds.

I couldn’t find anything on the internet that showed me where Mayan ruins actually are, so I created one. If you want to find an even more detailed Belize map, we have one on our website, or you can also buy a Belize road map from us.

For more information on each ruin, visit our Belize Mayan ruins web page.