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Google gives us a Christmas present

By Slickrock Adventures on December 21, 2010

We have been customers of Google since they first started the pay-per-click adwords program. I don’t even want to tell you how much we spend on those little ads that show up on the right of your screen when you Google something like “outdoor vacation“. And we are surely a tiny advertiser in the grand scheme of all-things-Google. Over the years, Google has made a habit of sending us a present around Christmas-time. I don’t know how much you have to spend to qualify for this, but clearly we are in the running. I have a Google flash drive, a Google kitchen apron, and my favorite present of all time was a $100 gift card to, a website where you choose a schoolroom project that a classroom teacher is seeking financial help with. Thanks to that initial $100 from Google, I have continued to give to this great organization. (I used to be an art teacher, so I always choose an art project that appeals to me.) I have helped fund art projects in Albuquerque, Massachusetts, and in rural Utah. The teacher sends you a thank you, and once I even received drawings in a big envelope from the kids in the Albuquerque art program. This year we received… (wait for it)… a video thank you. Google tells us that they projected our company name on the moon, and provided the proof (see image below). If you want to see the full video, here is the link:

Google thank you: on the moon

We do feel special, thanks Google.