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Belize’s Best Outdoor Adventure Center

By Slickrock Adventures on December 30, 2010

Years ago I wanted to find a place like our place; an island outdoor center with snorkeling right from shore, all the sport toys, great guides, and located somewhere in the world where the water is warm and clear. In short, I wanted a busman’s holiday; I wanted to take an adventure vacation full of adventure activities where I wasn’t in charge. I wanted someone to guide me for a change.

That’s when I found out just how special our place is. Guess what: I couldn’t find it. I spent at least 20 hours online looking along the entire 3000 mile long Great Barrier Reef in Australia searching for an island like ours, and it didn’t exist.

We really lucked out when we got Long Caye. We first started in Belize in 1986 paddling sea kayaks from island to island, with all our gear in our boats, camping out on Laughing Bird Caye, the Silk Cayes, Pumpkin Caye, and Ranguana Caye. These are beautiful, tiny islands, and back in those days it was magical. But as time moved on they got crowded as others copied the itinerary we pioneered. We looked for another location to base out of, and found Glover’s Reef.

Northeast Caye, Glover's Reef

Our gear on Northeast Caye, Glover\’s Reef, in 1991

When we first went out there, we rented Northeast Caye. But still we only had sea kayaking and snorkeling to offer. After the first year we brought down one windsurf board and sail. But that was it. It took moving over to Long Caye, with its’ private surf spot to discover that what we really wanted to do was operate a sports center. Slowly over the years we have added new sports and now our spots array includes sea kayaking, snorkeling, diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayak surfing, sport fishing, kayak fishing, paddleboarding, and surfing. We even throw in hammock surfing to recover from all of the activities!

If you are looking for a sport vacation, learn to ask the revealing questions. What kind of kayaks do they have? Do they also have life jackets, spray skirts, helmets (if kayak surfing)… do they provide instruction? What are the resumes of the instructors? Are you really going to learn to paddle, or are they just going to give you a recreational boat with a lousy paddle and no lifejacket and push you out to sea and you are on your own?

On our week long island packages you can learn to kayak, learn to surf, learn to windsurf, and catch the most bonefish of your life! Visit our island sport activities page to see a list of our gear. Or call us up if you have questions!