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New Belize kitesurf program is underway!

By Slickrock Adventures on November 30, 2010
Going out to the sand flats for the first kitesurf lesson of the season!

Going out to the sand flats for the first kitesurf lesson of the season!

Slickrock’s new Vela kitesurf school started up this past week with our first guests of the season. After completing the new cabin and setting up our Vela windsurf and kitesurf equipment, we then scouted out locations around the atoll. Meg Griffiths, our new instructor, will be spending the season on the island with us. A top competitor and professional instructor, Meg has instructed kitesurfing in Brazil, South Africa, UK, and Turkey. She travels the world kitesurfing; we are EXCITED to have her join our staff.

Rigging the kiteMeg reports that our location is perfect for lessons for all levels of students, where they can enjoy the warm 80 degree water and nearly constant winds. Only one-half mile from the island is a large area where the water is chest deep or less. With no currents or tidal exchange, this calm area is a great place to learn.

Launching the kiteOur extensive sand flats are not only perfect for teaching conditions, but Meg says she has never been able to teach in such a wide-open area with no other kitesurfers, windsurfers, or other instructors teaching nearby. This creates an ideal situation for students to learn all the basics of kiteboarding: kite control, bodydragging, and board riding. And no worries of competing kitesurf “traffic”!

We're flying!Slickrock’s Vela school is also offering great first season rates of only $50/hour for lessons if you share your lessons with one other student. This is far below what most kitesurf schools charge, and few other locations can match our pristine, uncrowded conditions. Come take advantage of our first season excitement! Be among the first to learn kitesurfing at Glover’s Reef Atoll. And if the wind doesn’t suit you, well there’s always sea kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding, unbelievable snorkeling, and a dive shop right on the island.

Join us in Belize for perfect kitesurfing conditions!