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Slickrock hits the road – Outdoor Retailer

By Slickrock Adventures on August 18, 2010

August 2010, Outdoor Retailer Demo daySeveral of Slickrock’s staff attended the annual Outdoor Retailer Show held in Salt Lake City, UT early this month, where all the latest toys in the outdoor sports industry are first displayed. We attend the show every year to keep abreast of industry trends and to purchase new equipment. At his year’s demo day at Jordonelle Reservoir, where all the water sport vendors have their latest gear available to try out on the water, paddleboards were all the rage. We found some exciting new styles of boards which we plan to add to our fleet of watercraft on the island for the upcoming season.

Laird Hamilton and Cully ErdmanHowever, one of the biggest thrills of the show was getting to meet the legendary Laird Hamilton, who in credited with ‘inventing’ tow-in surfing and who has been a leading figure in big wave surfing for years. In addition to also ‘inventing’ paddleboarding in its current form, Laird is probably the best known surfer on the planet due to the extensive media coverage he has received for his exploits taking on the biggest, meanest surf on earth. Laird has been featured in all the major surfing movies and other surfing productions. Laird Hamilton and Victor MyersWhile he was conducting a lake demo for his paddleboard line with Surftech, both Cully and Victor were able to meet him and get a few tips on paddleboarding. Cully told him he would like to get a picture of himself knocking Laird off his board, but decided it might not ‘work out’ after Laird said go ahead, but there would be repercussions…