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Can I Visit Your Island if I am Pregnant?


If you are pregnant you may be wondering if you can join us for your vacation. The answer is yes, as long as you are prepared to travel pregnant, and know what to expect.


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Our two biggest concerns for pregnant participants on our trips are our distance from medical care and the boat ride out to the island. You will need to talk to your doctor and explain that you will be approximately 3 hours from medical care, first a 2-hour boat ride, and then a 20-minute flight. Your doctor will need to write us a letter that gives her/his permission for you to join, specifically mentioning that 3 hours from medical care is not a concern for you.


The boat ride out to the island can be rough. You should bring a belly strap, like the kind you use when you run. You can read more about the boat ride on our Adventure Island at Glover's Reef Additional Information page.


Active females will be able to participate in most of our sports. You will only be somewhat limited on the sports you can join. There are no problems snorkeling pregnant and sea kayaking pregnant (use a surf kayak instead of a sea kayak, it's a sit-on-top and easy to get into and out of). Although you can snorkel pregnant, you cannot go scuba diving, too much pressure on your belly. You won't be able to windsurf because the sail can fall and hit you in the belly. Surf kayaking is a maybe, you can see what you think about that when you get there. Fishing pregnant is also no problem.


The first and second trimester are the best times to come-- it gets harder to participate in all of the sports when you have less energy and are very pregnant.


The only item on our Belize menu that you won't be able to eat is the yogurt (unpasteurized).


Be sure to rent a wetsuit from home to bring with you, get one several sizes larger than you normally wear (must fit over your belly!)


Bring 2 maternity bathing suits, Old Navy is a good place to get them.


You can read more about Belize medical considerations on our Belize page.







Thanks to Karly Kaplan from San Carlos, CA who helped with these suggestions!