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Updated October 23, 2014

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Long Caye at Glover's Reef, Belize

Scroll down to see availability chart below

Holiday Restrictions listed below also


-We open each year in late-November and close in mid-May

-We are closed mid May - mid November due to bad weather in the Caribbean, but our office is open year round.

-Hurricane season is August - October

-Cells on the chart below that have a light-blue background indicate a trip that already has guests signed up and therefore is guaranteed to run


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Week # Friday
Adventure Island at Glover's Reef
Full Week
Fri - Sat
Adventure Island at Glover's Reef
First Half
Fri - Wed
Saturday Date Belize Adventure Week
Sat - Sat
Sat - Wed
Tuesday Date Adventure Island at Glover's Reef
Second Half
Tue - Sat
Adventure Island at Glover's Reef Full Week
Tue - Wed
1 11/28/14


On sale

Not Available 11/29/14 Not Available 12/2/14 Not Available Not Available
2 12/5/14

1/2 Full

On sale


On sale



On sale



On sale

3 12/12/14


On sale

Available 12/13/14 Available 12/16/14 Available Not Available
4* 12/19/14 2 spots left Not Available 12/20/14 Available 12/23/14 Not Available Not Available
5* 12/26/14 Full Full 12/27/14 Full 12/30/14 Full Full
6 1/2/15 3/4 Full 3/4 Full 1/3/15 Full 1/6/15 Available Available
7 1/9/15 Available Available 1/10/15 Available 1/13/15 Available Available
8 1/16/15 Available Available 1/17/15 Available 1/20/15 Available Available
9 1/23/15 Available Available 1/24/15 Available 1/27/15 Available Available
10 1/30/15 Available Available 1/31/15 Not Available 2/3/15 Available Available
11 2/6/15 1/2 Full 1/2 Full 2/7/15 Available 2/10/15 Available Available
12*** 2/13/15 Available Available 2/14/15 Available 2/17/15 Available Available
13 2/20/15 1/2 Full 1/2 Full 2/21/15 Available 2/24/15 Available Full
14 2/27/15 Full Full 2/28/15 Full 3/3/15 Full Full
15 3/6/15 1/2 Full 1/2 Full 3/7/15 Full 3/10/15 Available Not Available
16** 3/13/15 Available Not Available 3/14/15 Available 3/17/15 Not Available Not Available
17** 3/20/15 4 spots left Not Available 3/21/15 Available 3/24/15 Not Available Not Available
18** 3/27/15 Full Not Available 3/28/15 Available 3/31/15 Not Available Not Available
19** 4/3/15 3/4 Full Not Available 4/4/15 Available 4/7/15 Available Available
20 4/10/15 Available Available 4/11/15 Available 4/14/15 Available Available
21 4/17/15 1/2 Full 1/2 Full 4/18/15 Available 4/21/15 Available Available
22 4/24/15 Available Available 4/25/15 Available 4/28/15 Available Not Available
23 5/1/15 Available Not Available 5/2/15 Not Available 5/5/15 Not Available Not Available


Holiday Restrictions

On holidays some of our trip parameters for our packages change. This varies by the holiday, some holidays have more restrictions than others. Holiday dates are marked by asterisks above, which relate to these special provisions listed here:



No group rates or kids rates, only returning guest discounts and back to back trip discounts are honored

No half week trips or full week trips starting Tuesday offered these dates

No charters (a group that takes every available spot) offered these dates

No commissions paid to agents or group organizers on these dates

Special 90 day due date on final balance

2014-2015 season: weeks of 12/19/14 and 12/26/14

No commissions offered to agents



Group rates and commissions to agents or group organizers only offered to 10% off

No half week trips or full week trips starting Tuesday offered these dates

No charters (a group that takes every available spot) offered these dates

2014-2015 season: weeks of 3/13/15, 3/20/15, 3/27/15, 4/3/15

Commission to agents cannot exceed 10%



No charters (a group that takes every available spot) offered these dates

2014-2015 season: week of 2/13/15



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